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Extraction fan & forced air

Chimneys and silencers for extraction fans, ovens, purifiers, thermal power stations

Silent fireplaces

Silent chimneys for the boiler room of the Parliament buildings and Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa.

Silencieux hybride

Hybrid silencer in extraction fan duct. The absorptive module reduces wide frequency range noise. The responsive module reduces noise at the predominant frequency.

silencieux absorptif

Absorptive silencer, with very low air resistance, inserted and suspended at the end of the chimney.


Silencer-chimney, hybrid with sealed membrane anti-clogging by gas particles.

Absorbent silencer in chimney
Absorbent silencer in chimney

Absorptive silencer in chimney or combustion gas duct, up to 500°C, with independent internal expansion, anti-explosion and thermo-acoustic coating.

High flow axial fan
Silencer for Axial Fan

Underground mine axial fan silencer, in a prefabricated soundproof building.

Silencer for axial fan
Silencer for axial fan
Gas turbine
Gas Turbine Silencers and Chimneys

Exhaust silencer and noise shield for heat recovery and steam generator (HRSG).

Thermo-acoustic chimney, silencers, guides and noise barriers for emissions control system (SCR).

Silencieux d’échappement et écran antibruit
gas turbine
Thermo-acoustic fireplace, silent
Steam vent & compressor
Vent Silencers
Steam silencer

Steam silencer

module haute pression

High pressure module

silencieux de compresseur

Compressor silencer

Module basse pression.png

Low pressure module

Vacuum pump, blower
Silencer for Blower & Vacuum Pump
Silencer for blower & vacuum pump
Diesel generator
Silencer for Diesel Generator
Silencer for diesel generator
Test bench, wind tunnel
Silencer for Wind Tunnel and Engine Test Bench
Ssyteme aéro acoustique.JPG
Other ventilation
Silencer - Other Commercial Industrial Ventilation

Exhaust silencer – 8,000 CFM dust collector

dust collector 8,000 CFM
silencer-cartridge fireplace.png
chimney with sealed anti-clogging cartridges

Quiet – chimney with sealed anti-clogging cartridges. They can be replaced from the side or from above.

Acoustic louvers for air intake

Acoustic louvers for air intake
Acoustic louvers for air intake
DirECTING NOZZLES, diffusers, expansion joints & others
Other Gas Flow Devices
Devices at the end of the chimney
Devices at the end of the chimney

Devices at the end of the chimney

Expansion joint for chimney and hot ducts

Expansion joint for chimney and hot ducts
exhaust gas diffuser.png

Exhaust gas diffuser

Gas Flow Guidance and Screener

gas flow guidelines and screener.png

Silentec Support Engineering

Support Engineering

Silentec works with the customer and their consultant to formulate the optimum solution and to certify/guarantee the aero-thermo-acoustic performance.  Various numerical simulations and factory/laboratory tests are used, as required, including :

taking measurements.png

Measurements taken in the chimney of gas noise-pressure-velocity profiles.

tests sur modele reduit.png

Tests on a scale model, to optimize the design/aeroacoustic performance of chimney-silencers and other devices.

tests de preuve de performance.png

Tests to prove the aeroacoustic performance of silencers, carried out on a full-scale test bench, with a 65,000 CFM fan.

simulation des chutes de pression.png

Simulation of pressure drops and velocity profiles in chimney pipes and in the environment, with and without guideways, silencers and devices at the end of the chimney.

Guidance at chimney entrance

Directing nozzles at chimney inlet and pressure gain.

baffles de silencieux.png

Silencer baffles, gas velocities, turbulence noise and pressure loss.

cone bout-de cheminee.png

Chimney end cone, plume and dispersion of gases in the environment.

concept of chimney flues.png

Chimney flue design with lower noise and flow resistance.

dessins de details et calcul structural de cheminee.png

Detail drawings and structural calculation of chimney.

contraintes thermiques.png

Thermal stresses and buckling by exhaust gases during start-up.

insulation design calculations.png

Design calculations for thermo-acoustic insulation and independent expansion of the internal-external walls of chimney ducts.

fond géométrique abstrait

Are You Looking to Reduce Noise and Optimize Gas Flow?

Our solutions are reliable and used in factories, mines, power plants, air quality systems and industrial and commercial ventilation.

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